Write for Us - Write for Us

As an independent magazine, Annuaire Enterprises receives support from donations and sponsors that contribute to our growth. They help us keep the page alive and the staff that complements us. At the same time, we want to be a tool of development for future writers.

Annuaire Enterprises is constantly searching for new talents to join our team, regardless of where they come from. The idea that, by promoting businesses and services from other places, step by step you inspire readers through this infinite source of ideas.

Benefits and Rewards

Writing for us comes with some benefits that we offer our partners to enjoy. One of them is the online courses we provide our writers, after which we give you a certificate of participation in our magazine and our workshops.

You get recognition and we will recommend you to our customers. Additionally, we raffle prizes such as museum visits and concert tickets every week among our partners, thanks to donations from our sponsors.

How to Start

If you like what you have read and can relate to our goals, you can contact us and let us know why you want to become part of our team. It can be informal and we will look at the person behind the words to evaluate where you can fit in our magazine.

You will receive a form where you will be asked to write a short text for us to use as a reference in understanding your style. We typically reply quickly, as our team is always looking out for new applications and ready to welcome you.