Our Magazine - Our Magazine

Janis E. Stallman began as a writer as soon as she graduated from journalism and got a position in a scientific journal magazine as a science news writer. Through her job, she gained experience as a writer and also learned how to run a magazine.

Janis developed business skills, as she was a freelance journalist in her spare time. When the journal she worked for was closed, she knew it was time to create her magazine. All that was left to do was to pick the topic.

Annuaire Enterprises is Created

Janis wanted a magazine that offered opportunities to other people, enabling it to be used as a tool for professional development. That was how she decided to call on part of the team she worked with at the old science magazine and created Annuaire Enterprises.

Annuaire Enterprises shares reviews about other people’s businesses and services in the city. Restaurants, laundries, schools, beauty centers, to name a few. At the same time, the magazine spread the word about other magazines that talk about the same subjects.

Our Goal

One of Annuaire Enterprises’ goals is unity as an element of success in society. By supporting local businesses and services, you can learn how to run your own business. Also, the invitation is open for you to join our magazine as a writer.